EM/IM Residency

<!--StartFragment-->The Combined Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency

This combined residency in both Emergency and Internal Medicine offers an integrated 5 year curriculum on the path toward dual board certification.  It is one of three combined training programs in the country that also offers an optional Critical Care certification pathway. Applicants to a Combined Program are generally from an honors group or top 1/3 of their class however, applicants from unique backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

The challenges and rewards of dual training tend to attract candidates who are not afraid to assimilate two large core knowledge bases and develop their intellectual, instinctual, and manual dexterities to serve patients in a full range of scenarios.  Being able to go from the rapid-fire, high pressure situation, to a more time consuming, contemplative approach is a difficult skill set to master.  Knowing when to shift is the key ingredient of a Combined Residency.

The LIJ EM/IM Program was one of the first in the country to offer combined training, approved in 1988, with its first graduate class in 1994.  Since then its graduates have gone on to a variety of careers, including academia, research and program directorships, as well as clinicians, hospitalists and critical care specialists.  Dual board status is a marker of achievement and well suited towards preparation for a wide range of leadership roles.

The Long Island Jewish System offers top-notch categorical training in both Emergency and Internal Medicine, and the Combined Program assimilates them with staggered 3 month blocks, a wide clinical exposure, and escalation of responsibilities, to provide a unique training program.  The Combined residents man a hospital procedure team so that they continually improve their skills.  The outpatient residency requirements of both programs are met with an EM/IM followup clinic which slates direct referrals from the Emergency Department.  During training, leadership roles are expected of 4th and 5th year residents, with 5th year residents typically achieving a Chief Residency.

While rigorous, the rewards of completing such training are several. Whatever the ultimate practice setting, dual training results in a deeper understanding of all facets of the patient encounter – from the emergency stabilization to the diagnostic to ultimate management.




Year 1
6 Blocks E.D. 6 Blocks I.M.  
1. Orientation to LIJ ED 1. LIJ ICU  
2. LIJ Inpatient Pediatrics 2. LIJ Ward Medicine (3 blocks)  
3. BMHC E.D. Pediatrics 3. LIJ ED  
4. LIJ ICU 4. CCU  
5. LIJ ED    
6. Maspeth EMS (½ block)    
7. Ultrasound (½ block)    
Year 2
6 Blocks E.D. 6 Blocks I.M.
1. LIJ E.D. (2 blocks) 1. LIJ CCU  
2. Obstetrics/Gynecology 2. LIJ Ward Medicine (3 blocks)  
3. LIJ Anesthesia at NSUH 3. ID  
4. LIJ Pediatric ICU 4. Pulmonary  
5. BMHC E.D. (Surgery)    
Year 3
6 Blocks E.D. 6 Blocks I.M.  
1. LIJ E.D. (2 blocks) 1. LIJ ICU  
2. Orthopedics/Hand 2. LIJ Consult Service  
3. LIJ Pediatric E.D. 3. LIJ Ward Medicine (3 blocks)  
4. BMHC E.D. (Surgery) 4. Elective (½ block)  
5. NUMC E.D. 5. Ultrasound (1/2 block)  
Year 4
6 Blocks E.D. 6 Blocks I.M.  
1. LIJ E.D. Pediatrics 1. LIJ Ward Medicine   
2. NUMC E.D. 2. LIJ ICU  
3. LIJ E.D.  3. Ambulatory  
4. Toxicology 4. LIJ ED  
5.  Administrative/ Community Medicine 5. Elective (2 blocks)  
Year 5
6 Blocks E.D. 6 Blocks I.M.
1. LIJ ED Pediatrics 1. LIJ Ward Medicine  5. CCU
2. NUMC E.D. 2. Elective (2 blocks)  
3. LIJ E.D. (3 blocks) 3. LIJ E.D.  
4. LIJ E.D. Pediatrics 4.  ICU   



Pinaki Mukherji, MD, FACEP
Combined EM/IM Residency Director
Combined EM/IM/Critical Care Co-Director
NSLIJ Healthcare System
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
(718) 470-7565


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